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Muninspot is a unique new trackingsolution using

different technologies enabling YOU to find

your stolen goods YOURSELF


Muninspot has built its SPOT based on the latest

technology from the mobile industry and merged this

with the best of other tracking technologies,

excluding GPS.

The benefit of not basing our solution on the power

consuming GPS technology, but instead using a set

of other parameters such as cell tower triangulation,

knowledge of the landscape, footprint data etc., is that

we could design a unique SPOT and positioning



This unique calculation gives our SPOT a high

accuracy - between 150-2500 meters - even when

the SPOT is indoors and has weak signal strength.

How often haven’t you been without a GPS signal

on you smartphone or car navigation?


The accuracy is best in urban areas where the mobile

infrastructure is best established.

The backbone of our technology is the mobile network, which is used as the overall infrastructure for data carriers and for calculating the location of our SPOT in the mobile infrastructure.


The benefit of our technique is that we are not using the power consuming GPS, but just the GSM and other low power techniques for the calculation.


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Comms Experts Int AB is established to focus on products and solutions related to communications radios and -systems.


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We have a long history - with excellent references - in the PMR industry and have experience from the entire value chain.






















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